About us

Who we are ?

Pearl Orchids established since 2001, located in Moonupeedika, Thrissur district is one of the largest and well known orchid farms in India. The site has 1acre of land. The principle markets for these plants being retail and wholesale growing-on nurseries. Other markets include hobby-collectors, general public, farmers and production for special retailers. Plants are imported from south East Asian countries from selected breeders to assure the best quality plants. Post quarantine facility has the capacity to accommodate 50,000 plants. Their main aim is to help enthusiasts to share the passion for orchids, to encourage excellence in commercial and hobby horticulture and encourage all those who are interested in gardening.



Mr.Mohammed Moosa:

Mohammed Moosa is an ex-gulf business man. He has been collecting orchids for almost 20-25 years from different places during vacations. During his absence, his wife (Sabira Mohammed Moosa) used to care of the plants. During one of the vacation in 2001, the passion and love for orchids turned into a small farm ‘Pearl Orchids’. After doing business in Middle East for almost 35 years came back to India in 2006 and started importing of orchid plants from different countries.


Sabira Mohammed Moosa:

Sabira was always helping her husband for collection and taking care of orchids. She used to spend most of the time with the plants. From the year 2001 ‘Pearl Orchids’ began to be more vivid, vibrant and variegated, as the most exquisite genres among the orchids. Needless to say she has found recognition from the government for her hard-work in the form of the coveted ‘udhyanashreshta’award, for the year 2006-07 given annually by the Kerala Government for the best floriculture farmer.


Our Vision:

Our main commitment is to provide best quality plants at competitive price. We are more concerned about customer satisfaction and sharing knowledge with them.


New Farm:

Pearl Orchids have started their 2nd farm in Kozhinjampara, Palakkad  on 19th February 2017 which is in 4 acres of land.